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January 2017
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About Wholefoods
  • Hungry?

  • After healthy, nutritious food on campus? 



Wholefoods Restaurant & Cafe is the place to be! As the only not-for-profit,  restaurant on campus, Wholefoods is able to provide quality food for prices far lower than would otherwise be possible. 


Wholefoods relies on its volunteers so if you’re interested in meeting people, gaining skills, being part of a diverse community, and getting a free meal, come along to a training session.


Why volunteer at Wholefoods? 


Skill sharing - Wholefoods is a place you can learn to improve the quality of your resumé, ie: food safety, customer service and coffee making. 


Friendships - Wholefoods is a community of people, making friends - warm fuzzies are all part of the Wholefoods community.


Great Customers - Wholefoods customers are the nicest and most understanding customers you’ll ever serve.


Beat Stress - Volunteering is good for the soul.


Volunteer at Wholefoods.

Vegetarian and Vegan


All the food is vegetarian and vegan, but the range of curries, salads, soups and desserts, as well as an array of other delicacies, will leave even the most ardent carnivore satisfied. Fair trade coffee, teas and chocolate are also available from the grocery.


Events at Wholefoods


As well as being the nicest place to relax between classes, Wholefoods also hosts regular events such as Musical Thursdays, Movie Nights, and rocking End of Semester Parties.


There's something for everyone at Wholefoods, so come in for a cheap, good quality feed on the first floor of the Campus Centre, next to the John Medley Library.

Function space and catering is also available.


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P: (03) 9902 4350