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January 2017
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What is MUISS?




The Monash University International Students Service (MUISS) is a division of the Monash Student Association (MSA) that advocates the interests, rights and welfare of all undergraduate international students enrolled at Monash University, Clayton campus.


MUISS aims to empower international students and help them develop skills that will help them throughout their journey in university and in the future.


Every year MUISS tailors fun events and educational activities so that this aim is met. We are a support network in every sense and believe it is essential that international students succeed in their studies while enjoying themselves and making friends that would last a lifetime.


The organisation is run by seven elected students, and has a general committee, comprising of up to 20 appointed members who work towards achieving the overall goal of MUISS. It is divided into the following six portfolios: General Secretary, Treasurer, Services and Welfare, Education, Activities, and Publications. MUISS is staffed by a part-time Divisional Support Officer who helps in facilitating MUISS operations.


Some of the activities MUISS has planned in 2015 include a welcome dinner to take place during O’week, it’s famous free breakfast running every week of semester, informative Permanent Residency Seminars, BBQs, careers and leadership programs, public speaking programs, the MUISS Olympics, International Student Week and much more!!


MUISS also provides a comfortable lounge on the first level of Campus Centre for students to relax, engage with each other and meet new people. This is right next to Sir John’s bar. Come by and say hello, we are a friendly bunch packed with information that can help you make the most of your experience in a new Country and at Monash University.   



The best way to participate in and keep in touch with MUISS events is to join us on Facebook .



Alternatively, email us if you would like to find out more.