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Student Advocacy and Support (Student Rights)

Current Positions with the Student Advocacy and Support (Student Rights)


The Monash Student Association is looking for current or graduate university students with an interest in advocacy and student support to work casually in our Student Advocacy and Support service. 

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Early Warning Letter


If you have received an Early Warning Letter please see Academic Progress Information below. You may email to make an appointment with Student Rights for advice and assistance.


Early Warning Letter brochure



If you believe you have failed a unit/s due to circumstances beyond your control - see Withdrawn Incomplete Grades and/or Remission of Debt.

Protecting your Rights

Student Rights Officers (SROs) can assist you:


  • In preparing your case if called to a Discipline Committee Hearing or Academic Progress Committee Hearing. A SRO may also accompany you to your Hearing;
  • By accompanying you to a meeting you may have with any university employee;
  • By helping you improve your academic performance and in understanding your exam rights and responsibilities;
  • When applying for Special Consideration or an Alternative Assessment Arrangement;
  • When applying for a Withdrawn Incomplete Grade or a Remission of Debt;
  • In making a complaint about the university (submitting a grievance);
  • In understanding academic and administrative policies and procedures;
  • In determing your goals at Monash and beyond;
  • By referring you to services within or outside of Monash University;
  • In a variety of matters related to being a student at Monash (Clayton Campus).


SROs work to improve university policy so if you have any concerns come and talk to us.


Student Rights Service


Early Warning Letter

Exam Rights


Special Consideration

Academic Progress Information

Academic Progress

Early Warning Letter

APC Hearing Hints

How to write a letter to the APC

Contact Student Rights
For advice or to make an appointment contact:


Ph: (03) 9905 3118 or (03) 9905 3126



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