Host Scheme

Host Scheme


MSA Host Scheme: An Introduction

Host Scheme is an orientation program for domestic and international students new to Monash University. Since its birth in 1974, HS has become the largest student based orientation program in the southern hemisphere.

The program runs camps, BBQ’s, intimate functions and large day and night events – all for new students. Host Scheme has an excellent reputation in making the transition to university life as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


Aims and History

Monash University's Host Scheme is a student run program that has been in existence since 1974, which aims to help integrate students into university life. The program focuses on two main aspects: building solid networks for students to make friends, and establishing strong links to the university for students who may be experiencing difficulties. Building this supportive social network is achieved by running special functions or activities based on teamwork and co-operation.

These activities include one of four 3 day long orientation camps, functions across Melbourne to let students meet people who live nearby, a day in the park and of course the O-week carnival, all of which give the newly enrolled students the opportunity to meet and socialise with other first year students, as well as giving them the chance ask questions of the more experienced students. The hosts facilitating the activities have a wealth of knowledge about the university, their courses, and the extra-curricular opportunities that are available to first years, and are eager to help. We aim to introduce students to all the facilities that both Monash and the MSA have to offer.

The Monash Student Association (MSA) is the overarching body which represents these students, and includes services such as student rights, welfare, and transport; as well as the academic support that can be provided by individual faculties and their associated societies, and also runs Host Scheme. In the wider University, services such as chaplaincy, counseling and welfare services are available, catering for the needs of our extremely diverse student population.

The Host Scheme program has strong links to all of these essential services and provides new students with the most positive transition experience possible to ensure that new students are as confident and comfortable as possible while they enter university life.


Stefanie Maccar

MSA Volunteer Coordinator

P: 9905 8178