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January 2017
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The Queer Department aims to supply something for every queer student on campus, whether it be an opportunity to make new friends, participate in social activities, activism, someone to talk things over with or just get involved in the queer community here at Monash and in the wider world.


If you'd like to be a part of the Queer Collective, from those who visit the Lounge every day to those who come to an event once a year, we're glad to have you on board!

Queer Officers

Martinus Kraan

Amy Grimmer

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Learn more about this year's Queer Officers

Queer Lounge

A safe, autonomous space for all queer students, the Lounge is a friendly and welcoming room, level 1, Campus Centre. Queer students congregate here for chats, to do homework, relax, listen to music, hold discussions and meetings, play cards, plan activism and awareness campaigns, sleep, and generally feel free to be themselves. The Lounge is open all day and always available to those who need it.

Queer Office

Just behind the Lounge in MSA central lies the Queer Office (aka the fishbowl), home to two Queer Officers who run the department, host meetings, organise events, and support the collective in any way they can. Along with the Queer Officers, the Queer Committee are elected to represent the Monash Queer Collective and have regular meetings to determine what happens in the Queer Department. If you ever need to get in contact with the Queer Officers, you can email us, ring the office or just stop by.


The Queer Department has many exciting activities on throughout the year, such as movie nights, glamorous awareness parties, discussion sessions, performance pieces, banner painting and general social gatherings.

Get Involved

The best way to find out what's going on is to like the MSA Queer facebook page or follow @MSAQueer on Twitter. If you're not out on Facebook but still want to be involved, get in contact with one of the queer officers who can add you to the secret group on facebook, which won't risk outing you at all.


However, when you're on campus just come on up to the lounge and hang out. We're a friendly group and we love new faces.


While many events we host are ally-inclusive and we love the support of people who identify as non-queer, the Queer Lounge is a space that is only accessible to students who identify as queer or questioning and not allies.