28th October 2021

Special Consideration: Scheduled Final Assessment

Do you know how to apply for Special Consideration for a scheduled final assessment?

See the requirements here.

Make sure you get a medical certificate written on, or before, the date of scheduled final assessment, that includes the health professional stating that ‘you are unfit to sit your exam or complete work for assessment on or before the relevant date’. Certificates written after the scheduled final assessment date will not usually be accepted by the University. Telehealth is widely available for same day appointments in Melbourne, so saying you could not get an appointment will not be an accepted excuse for not obtaining a certificate. If you cannot see your regular health professional on the same day as your test, see a GP instead and kindly request the wording above.

There are strict guidelines on acceptable medical certificates.

You must apply for Special Consideration within 2 University working days of your last scheduled final assessment. Note that in most circumstances, you won’t be eligible for special consideration if you turn up to your exam and have seen and/or attempted to answer the questions. Finish your exam if you can. If you become ill during the exam and cannot finish, you must inform your exam supervisor. For eExams, contact ‘exam support’ here.

If you need help, contact Student Advocacy and Support. Book an appointment.

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