International Students

Monash University International Student Service (MUISS) is a division under the Monash Student Association (MSA). Run by international students for international students, we advocate the interests, rights, and welfare of this group, specifically undergraduates of the Clayton campus.

MUISS is a service! So unlike clubs, or societies, as an international student you don’t have to apply, fill in any forms, or pay anything: you’re automatically a part of the MUISS family.
MUISS aims to be a social yet professional body, that mentors and represents all international students by providing a wide range of activities and services.

As an international student, you have free access to the MUISS lounge! This is located on Level 1 of Campus Centre (21 Chancellors Walk), next to Radio Monash and opposite Sir John’s. Amenities in the lounge include sofas, beanbags, microwaves, a fridge and television - all for free! Aside from being the location of most of our regular events (like Free Breakfast!) it is a great place to hang out with your friends and socialise with fellow international students, open from morning until evening every weekday.


Feel free to contact the MUISS team anytime if you need help during your time at Monash.

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(03) 9905 3882


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