Creative and Live Arts

Creative Live Arts biggest known role is organising and putting together the amazing Wednesday sessions on campus.

We work with multiple different departments to bring live music from both student artists and well known public creators into a Monash space.

This year our plans not only include a heavier focus on student artists in Wednesday sessions but events focussed on broadcasting the talent of some of our greatest student performers.

This will come in the form of two events that we are extremely thrilled for, however, we have to keep tight lid on these for now.

Even with a larger focus on student artists, we still be looking at getting back some of the greatest performers from Monash campus history as we as looking for those new up and coming artists. We've seen acts such as Lime Cordiale, Baker Boy, Stella Donnelly and Genesis Owusu. We planning to see the same vibes at Wednesday Sessions 2022 that these artists managed to bring.

Jack & Lucianne

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