Education (Academic Affairs)

We are your Education Academic Affairs office bearers. We represent students' academic interests and work to ensure that your academic experience at Monash is rewarding and worthwhile. The main focus of our role is to respond to academic policy changes introduced by Monash, as well as nationally.

We sit on various university committees that play an important role in forming academic policy at Monash and we regularly meet with each faculty to discuss relevant concerns students face. In addition we also work closely with the university to provide relevant academic support to help alleviate the effects COVID-19 continues to have on our student community.

Teaching staff at Monash are a massive part of what makes a students academic experience profound and worthwhile. That’s why we run the MSA Teaching Awards, an annual event focused on recognising teachers and professional staff who make a real difference to students’ during their time at Monash.

So if you're ever in need of academic support, or have an idea or grievance regarding education policy at the University, please get in touch.

Charlee & Renee
(03) 9905 1122

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