Education (Public Affairs)

We are your Education Public Affairs office bearers. Our aim is to help harness the collective power of students, and the Monash community, to influence and change education policy, both on campus and nationally.

We work closely with MSA’s Education Academic Affairs department to ensure that your academic interests are represented and your concerns are heard by the University.

As part of this effort, we compile the Counter-Faculty Handbook – an annual, independent, student-driven review of Monash units. Later this year, you will get a chance to contribute to the next edition of the handbook. Watch out for our surveys and let us know what you think about the units you are taking.

In addition we have some exciting events in the works that will see some incredible guest speakers join us on campus. Make sure to keep in touch to stay up-to-date with the latest news.

Helen & Alex
(03) 9905 5493

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