Environment and Social Justice (ESJ)

We hope to approach environmental and social justice related issues with an inter sectional lens in 2022. This will see us actively collaborating with other departments and emphasizing the voices of student led clubs and societies.

Some of the issues we aim to bring attention to include: barriers that prevent underrepresented people from accessing the sphere of sustainability and social justice as well as addressing inequities in Australia’s response to the climate emergency.

More specifically, our aims will be reflected in hosting a Sustainable Food Fair, organizing panels with industry experts, making information regarding the 2022 state election more accessible and more generally creating safe spaces for students to be better global activists. In order to be truly inter sectional, we want every single student to feel comfortable in approaching us.

If you have any questions, ideas or just want to pop in, feel free to contact us. .

Isabella & Sebastian 
(03) 9905 4134

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