Environment and Social Justice (ESJ)

Our aim is to encourage students to become “positive activists”: to respond empathetically to social issues and bring an environmental awareness to every facet of their professional and personal lives. In our work, we focus on social justice and environmental issues both affecting the Monash community, and the world.

To achieve this, we provide educational materials from podcasts to video series, as well as on-campus events and campaigns. We are very focused on collaboration and intersectionality, meaning we often work with other MSA departments, divisions and clubs.

Throughout the year we run major events such as the Sustainable Food Fair, which brings together informative talks, sustainable giveaways, competitions and lots of free food. This year, we are excited to be expanding the fair to be even more diverse and engaging!

We hope to engage students of all backgrounds and viewpoints, so if you’re passionate about environmentalism and social justice, have a cool idea to share, or just want to say hi, make sure to get in touch.

Georgia & Katrina
(03) 9905 4134

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