People of Colour

The People of Colour department ensures that students, both domestic and international, from all backgrounds are represented fairly. With the pandemic affecting the student experience, we are excited to navigate the ‘COVID-normal’ reality for 2022.

We aim to connect students of all backgrounds through interactive events and support systems, both online and on-campus. We also work closely with the Monash Respectful Communities Unit on various projects, including developing programs such as the Anti-Racism module.

To highlight the diverse ethnic groups we represent, the PoC department works in collaboration with cultural clubs to help resurrect campus life. Furthermore, we bring advocacy for diversity to the forefront, facilitating important discussions on issues affecting our community. We support students of colour in leadership positions to be represented impactfully.

The beauty of Monash lies in the diversity of its students!

We are excited to deliver this to the Monash community through a variety of events such as panels, social network, advocacy work and publications. Our mission is to ensure that the Monash community a safe space for all students.

Ananya & Linh 

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