The Monash Lebanese Student Society (MLSS) has been a lively club for 2 years and counting. We as a club try to incorporate the fun and vibrant tradition of Lebanon with uni life and try to bring about a wholesome community filled with fun, love and culture. This club is a perfect opportunity to make new friends and to get closer to the Lebanese tradition and learn more about the Lebanese way of life.

Currently this year we have participated in the Euro Club night and One World Festival and have plenty lined up for semester 2, with a heap of food events where you’ll find HSPs, Tabouli and Hummus and the hottest party in the calendar; the Arabian Nights AXP (After Exam Party). YALLA, don’t miss out on the fun, get your dabke shoes on and your taste buds excited and join MLSS. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram to hear all the details.


1/2 cup extra fine bulgur wheat
4 firm Roma tomatoes, very finely chopped
1 English cucumber (hothouse cucumber), very finely chopped
2 bunches parsley, part of the stems removed, washed and well-dried, very finely chopped
12–15 fresh mint leaves, stems removed, washed, well-dried, very finely chopped
4 green onions, white and green parts, very finely chopped
3–4 tbsp lime juice (lemon juice, if you prefer)
3–4 tbsp Early Harvest extra virgin olive oil
Romaine lettuce leaves to serve, optional



Step 1
Wash the bulgur wheat and soak it in water for 5-7 minute. Drain very well (squeeze the bulgur wheat by hand to get rid of any excess water).
Set aside.

Step 2
Very finely chop the vegetables, herbs and green onions as indicated above.
Be sure to place the tomatoes in a colander to drain excess juice.

Step 3
Place the chopped vegetables, herbs and green onions in a mixing bowl
or dish. Add the bulgur and season with salt. Mix gently.

Step 4
Now add the the lime juice and olive oil and mix again.

Step 5
For best results, cover the tabouli and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

Step 6
Transfer to a serving platter. If you like, serve the tabouli with a side of pita
and romaine lettuce leaves, which act as wraps or “boats” for the tabouli.


Other appetizers to serve next to tabouli salad:

  • Hummus
  • Baba Ganoush
  • Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

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