We're Aayushi & Sonia and we are your Women’s department office bearer.

We want to create a safe campus where you feel a sense of belonging to our department. Building on the work already achieved, we want to transform the space and increase engagement in our fun, diverse community.

We are very excited to establish a Women of Colour Collective! Our vision is to establish a community for Women of Colour, host exciting events and work with Clubs to highlight Women of Colour in leadership. All of our events and policies are created with intersectional attitudes at the forefront. We look forward to developing this further in collaboration with our Monash community.

With the announcement of free period products being introduced on campus in 2021, we are passionate to support all menstruators at Monash. Our Period Positivity events will be open to all to gain more insight into your period - with accessibility and sustainability at the forefront. The notorious Safe & Sexy week will return! The week-long event ensures you feel safe and empowered through events and panels about your body, reproductive health, sexual health and empowerment, consent and more.

We will also be campaigning for revised sexual assault policy on campus, and working with MRS to make your campus life safer and supported. When you’re on campus, come along to our Women’s Lounge - an inclusive and safe space for all female and gender diverse people on campus. The lounge is a chill area for you, with a kitchen, books, sanitary products and more resources!

Aayushi & Sonia

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