The MSA Women’s Department exists to advocate for women and non-binary people on campus. We aspire to facilitate a safe and inclusive university culture that supports, empowers and connects all students no matter their gender. In 2020, we endeavour to create tangible policy change to help build a safer environment for students, and to foster a sense of community. We also seek to ensure that support channels at Monash are easily accessible for students in need, and advocate and increase awareness of available resources. Through holding a variety of events and campaigns during the year, we hope to provide a reliable and accessible platform that includes and creates a safe space for all women, non-binary people and allies. Visit us in the Women’s Lounge on Level 1 of campus-centre to learn more about the Women’s Department and it’s events, initiatives, campaigns and policy changes, find Monash resources or to hang out, meet other students and chill.

Eva Scopelliti and Meg Ruyters

(03) 9905 3108

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