MUISS Free Breakfast

  • 9:00am - 11:00am
  • Every Tuesday
  • MUISS Lounge

    Campus Centre

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Every Tuesday, the Monash Uni International Students Society (MUISS) provides free breakfast in their Lounge, from 9 – 11am. Come and grab a bite to eat! And maybe even make a friend or two while you’re there.

Here’s a taste of what the team has in store for you…

Week 1 – ‘The MUISS Classic’ (cereal, milk, toast)
Week 2 – The MUISS Classic, plus a collaboration with the Singaporean Association of Monash brings you Kaya toast
Week 3 – Pancakes
Week 4 – The MUISS Classic
Week 5 – Collaborating with Wholefoods to bring you soup and focaccia
Week 6 – The MUISS Classic
Week 7 – A traditional English breakfast spread
Week 8 – The MUISS Classic PLUS noodles, and baked potatoes (in collaboration with Monash Residential Halls: Holman, Campbell, Logan and Turner)*
Week 9 – Sandwiches!
Week 10 – The MUISS Classic
Week 11 – Pancakes
Week 12 – The MUISS Classic
* Please note that in week 8, MUISS will be serving The Classic in their Lounge, and the noodles and baked potatoes will be served in the BBQ area next to the basketball courts near Campbell Hall
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