Monash Uni Student Theatre Online Events

Monash Uni Student Theatre (MUST) are continuing to deliver fun, engaging and creative events and activities online.

MUSTers and Friends Green Group

We've started a green group on Facebook!

It's a private group for friends and colleagues of MUST to share & encourage better environmental practices on the personal, public and political levels. A group to help us feel that we can make a difference at home, at work and beyond. We can share hints, actions, campaigns, whatever we think is relevant. Request to join here.

MUSTBOP: Fur on the Forward Line – The Podcast

In this year’s MUSTBOP, transformed into a hilarious six-part podcast, we meet sporting heroes Matilda the Boxing Kangaroo, Bonzo the child star chimp & communist newcomer Airlov Budinski. It’s a “ruff” life full of your favourite scandals: sex scandals, doping scandals, government sponsored doping scandals, and soviet infiltration.

Thursdays with Pals

Thursdays with Pals is now an official weekly event! We've loved seeing everyone getting involved and are excited to bring you even more Thursday fun!


  • Anyone and everyone is welcome! We'd love to see both new and old MUSTers.
  • We will post a Zoom link on this event page every Thursday.
  • We might be cooking, painting, baking, watching movies, going for walks, or maybe something else entirely! Click 'Interested' or 'Going' on the event page to stay updated! We can still stay socially connected even if we're physically distant

♥ We can't wait to see you all there! Sarah & Dhruvi, xoxo
MUST 2020 Social, Community & Cultural Officers

Role Description & Skill Share Videos

Current experienced MUSTers and friends have been making short videos explaining different theatre roles, and skill-share instructional videos in specific areas such as special effects makeup, vocal warm ups, top tips for dealing with the media etc.

If you're interested in making a video, contact Artistic Director Yvonne via (email) Otherwise, watch and engage anytime here.

From Scratch: MUST Monologue Project

We are seeking unique voices for a new writing project at MUST. After a great first semester under the guidance of Kate Speakman, writers will create short monologues with Elly D'Arcy and a supportive group of their peers.

From novice to expert, everyone's welcome to apply! We meet Monday evenings for guidance and feedback, in a four week cycle. After 4 weeks writers will get paired up with a performer and (virtually) hand them the new script. Then, we'll rehearse with the actors and share with the team.

ACTORS & DIRECTORS – we'll follow up with you later!

MUST Story Time: Children's Book Project

MUST Story Time needs you! Join us, and write a picture book for kids.

Story Time is a group writing initiative, with support and tips from experts in making art for kids, as well as a lovely & supportive community to make art together with.

“Why books for kids?": For fun, relaxation and to develop skills creating work for kids - putting ideas into clear & simple language.
We hope to share our books with the wider community and parents of Monash and perhaps even adapt them to plays for kids in the future.

This is a fun, low-stress environment for us to make art at our own pace. Do you prefer not to write or not to illustrate? Let us know and we’ll match you up with someone with a complimentary skill set to your own!

  • So what are you waiting for? Facebook event.
  • Email Ryan to get involved!

Get to know MUSTers and MUST

Calling all first years and new MUSTers! Interested in getting involved at MUST but not too sure where to start? Want to make new friends, but iso’s making it hard? We’re here for you!

We’re Sarah and Dhruvi, MUST’s Social, Cultural & Community Officers for 2020, and we’d love to get to know you!

If you’re interested in joining MUST, learning more about theatre, or making new friends, we’re the ones to talk to. We’re organising small (4 people max.) thirty-minute chats with us to introduce you to MUST and answer any questions you might have. You’ll meet some friendly new faces, and we’ll help you get involved in our community and areas of theatre that take your fancy!

Interested? Sign up on our Google Form and we’ll be in contact!

Belong Project

Helena Manoussios is developing a theatre project with Monash Uni Student Theatre (MSA) around a subject that is very close to her heart and heritage - immigration. She’s seeking people who may be interested in sharing their personal or family immigration stories with her via online or phone call interviews. EOI form.

MUST Cultural Exchange

The MUST Intercultural Exchange celebrates the diverse group of individuals that make up MUST and MSA. We share family traditions, recipes, and anything that is unique to our roots. We post prompts on our Facebook page every week for others to respond to, although anyone can post anything at any time regarding any aspect of their culture!
Interested? Request to join.

The MUST Phone-It-In Film Festival

Monash Uni Student Theatre (MUST) has revived its very own short film festival! Always wanted to make a short film, but never got around to it? This festival is for you! Keen for another creative outlet to curb the insanity bred from isolation and physical distancing? This festival is for you! Have a phone with a camera and the potential to thrive under interesting constraints? This festival is for you!

This year more than ever we want to encourage you to be very creative. Use your plants, your pets, your housemates, screen capture with zoom – just because we’re staying at home doesn’t mean there are no stories to tell!

A new cycle with a new provocation begins each month.

Like this page to stay updated and be the first to view your community's cinematic talent. Happy Filming!!

Dance the Isolation Away: MUST Choreo Relay

The MUST 'Dance the Isolation Away' dance relay video has now been released! 25 participants combined forces while stuck at home to create one piece of choreography - each performer sending in a video with their movement following on from the previous performer. The final video includes everything from contemporary dance, hip hop, arm flailing and even a foxtrot!

Huge thanks to all of the participants who made this possible in spite of the rapidly changing world!

Curated and Edited by Liam Paternott

Music: The Right Thing (Cosmonauts Remix) by Moby courtesy of

MUST's STRANGEkit Live Art and Performance Project

Inspired by multi-disciplinary contemporary performance practices and theatre, MUST's STRANGEkit live art and performance collective creates events of intimate liveness, visual beauty and chaotic sensory symbolism. There are all sorts of projects you can respond to or join in on!

Scripts Ahoy! MUST's Continuous Playwrighting Project

Calling all writers! Want to put your creativity to the test? Do you enjoy working as part of a team? Would you like to take part in a fun, dynamic, scriptwriting project? Then do the ‘write’ thing and get involved in ‘Scripts Ahoy,’ a new creative writing project from MUST! We're making continuous scripts together, passing scenes on to the next writer to see where they take it! We're now up to round three and will soon have public readings of the first two scripts!

MUST's (Virtual) Coffee Club Mentoring Project

Have you ever had a theatre question and wanted some advice? That's where Coffee Club, a mentorship program from MUST, comes in! In exchange for a cup of coffee (or an online chat for now!) our lovely mentors will help you out with any theatrical problem you may have, or just chat with you about what's required!

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