Nutrition and Healthy Living

MSA Nutrition and Healthy living is a program aimed at bringing nutrition advice and support to uni students.

Volunteer nutrition and dietetic students post helpful nutrition tips on the MSALifeHacks Instagram page, and host live webinars on a range of nutrition topics, including:

  • Week 1 Friday (7th Aug) 4pm
    - Intro to Healthy Eating and Meal Prep
  • Week 1 Saturday (8th Aug) 6pm
    - Ways to reduce Bloating
  • Week 2 Tuesday (11th Aug) 6pm
    - Healthy Eating on a budget
  • Week 3 Thursday (20th Aug) 6pm
    - MSG - Is it really bad?
  • Week 4 Thursday (27th Aug) 6pm
    - Energy Balance
  • Week 4 Friday (28th Aug) 4pm
    - Plant Based Diets
  • Week 6 Wednesday (9th Sept) 5pm
    - Brunch food hacks - bringing cafe foods to your own plate
  • Week 7 Friday (18th Sept) 4pm
    - Superfoods

Find more details on the FB event!

Webinar Schedule & Registration Form coming soon

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