About the Library

The Student Union Recreational Library (SURLY) was founded in 1970, with the express intention to "extend education beyond the walls of academia", by providing the space and resources for students to "switch off from formal study but still follow up or develop personal interests."

Initially known as a music-listening library, our collections now hold a range of multimedia – books, e-books, comics, music, DVDs, games, phone chargers, & more. We are committed to providing relevant resources and useful services on campus, plus a space to relax and enjoy the student experience.

Formerly: John Medley Library

What’s in a name? That which we call a library…

In late 2016, the Monash Student Council (the highest decision-making body in the Monash Student Association, comprised entirely of student reps), passed a motion to rename the library (formerly John Medley / JML). Check out the article in Lot's Wife Magazine for more background info.

As of 2018, the previous name has been removed and the library is being called exactly what it is, and always has been since 1970: the Student Union Recreational Library.


(03) 9905 4127
Facebook: @SurlyMSA
Instagram: @SurlyMSA

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Opening Hours

Monday to Friday

During Semester: 9.30am – 5.30pm

Shorter hours during holiday periods; see social media for updates.

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