MSA Book Club

Do you love reading? Do you love chatting/ranting/learning about what you're reading? Get involved in SURLY's Book Club!

MSA Book club is a fun, informal group run by student volunteers in Surly.

In 2019 we hosted book chats on topics ranging from mythology to romance; 'trash talk' to 'literary imposter syndrome'; plus movie screenings and a book trivia night!

In 2020, we're putting together a series of reading groups based on different genres, so you'll be able to sign up according to your reading preferences & meet folks with similar interests. We currently have:

    • Popular Fiction
    • Fantasy
    • Queer Literature
    • Self-Development & Psychology


Sign up to one of these active groups here!

Or, if you are interested in a different genre, fill out the expression of interest here and we'll let you know if there is enough interest. Otherwise, stay tuned (and join the FB page) for updates 📚🤓💃

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