Renew Your Books

Books are on loan for 2 weeks and can be renewed twice, unless reserved for another patron.

To renew books, you need to log in to our library catalogue.

  • Your Monash ID is the number on your M-Pass ID Card, including the issue number (bottom right of your card). E.g. if this is your first ID Card, it will probably look like 2222222201
  • If you are using a staff account, you will need to also include any zeros at the front of the number.
  • Your Password is your date of birth DDMMYYYY – or default 01012014, if we don’t have your DOB registered. You can change your password once you log in, or reset by contacting library staff.
  • Once logged in, you should be able to view all of your loans. To renew, simply check the box on the far right column for each book, and click ‘submit’. You should then see a system message showing the new return date.

If you have trouble logging in or renewing items, please contact library staff. We recommend you do so before the due date, to prevent accruing unnecessary overdue fines.

(03) 9905 4127
Facebook: @SurlyMSA
Instagram: @SurlyMSA

Please remember that short-loan items (DVDs, phone chargers) cannot be renewed as they are in high demand. Overdue fines for DVDs are $2.00/day; for books, 25c/day.

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