Book Club

Do you love reading? Do you love chatting/ranting/learning about what you're reading? Get involved in SURLY's Book Club!

MSA Book club is a fun, informal program run by student volunteers in Surly. Read, chat, and hang out with other booklovers 📚🤓💃 Semester 2 groups will be'll never guess... over zoom, and are now open to join so pick your fav genre! 


Popular Fiction, Thursdays 

Thursdays at 2pm, weekly. Last semester we read Hound of the Baskervilles; Good Omens, and The Secret Life of Bees - we read them in sections, discussing our thoughts & opinions each week. We'd love to invite some new members to join in and help us choose the next book to read and discuss together!

Popular Fiction, Fridays

Fridays at 5.30pm, weekly. This book club will focus on 21st century popular fiction and allow members to engage with the texts that are taking the world by storm. Join us for weekly discussions of popular books that you help choose - bring your own recommendation for first session!

Classic Literature

Thursdays at 6pm, fortnightly. This book club will focus on classic literature, so if you prefer the oldies but the goldies, then this is the club for you! You will join like minded individuals who not only love to read but also enjoy in-depth discussions, with fortnightly meetings which will provide you with heaps of enjoyment while we are all stuck at home...

BIPOC Reading

Thursdays 6.30pm, fortnightly. We are looking to carve out a space for people at Monash University to not only read texts by BIPOC (black, Indigenous and people of color) authors, but to have open and in-depth discussion about the history of racism, colonials and the Black Lives Matter movement. The first months texts are The Help (book and movie).

Fantasy, Mondays

Mondays 6pm, fortnightly. The theme of this book club will be 'Stepping into a new world". It will be a light-hearted and fun place for like-minded people to come together and explore the fantasy genre. It will be very member orientated and fluid so we can all explore different fantasy sub-genres and favourites together, and will be a place where we can all take a break from studies and to still be social despite being home-bound! Our first session will be the one where we decide on the book to read for the coming semester. We encourage everyone to bring their choices and then we'll choose the first book to read!

Fantasy, Saturdays

Saturdays 11am, Fortnightly. The book club will be focusing on the fantasy genre. Our club finished 'The first empire' in the previous semester and are looking for a new book for this semester. If you have a book you wanted to read, or love a book and would like to read with others, join the club and recommend your book. We take our member's recommendations and then choose one book to read throughout the semester.

Self-development & psychology

Friday 1pm, fortnightly. In this group we'll be reading and learning all about books that help make us better people! We will read books like Ikigai; Think and grow rich; Atomic Habits; 7 Habits.

Science + Science Fiction

Fridays 6pm, fortnightly. This book club will be a mix of real science, and science fiction. Our sessions would include discussions on topics like Artificial Intelligence and results of super-fast internet to name a few. We'll look into the future of these technologies and imagine what the future world will be under the influence of these technologies.
We would hold the sessions as a team and decide on discussion topics together for our upcoming meetings. It would be a place for all of us to share our thoughts with like-minded people and unwind after a busy week.

Queer Literature

Sundays 6pm, fortnightly. This book club group is focusing on books by queer authors, and/or exploring the queer experience. It is a safe space for any students regardless of your identity. In Semester 1 we read; Giovanni's Room, Annie on My Mind, When Fox is a Thousand, and Portrait of Dorian Gray. Come along and tell us your suggestions for Semester 2 reads!

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