Mindful Colouring

Had a stressful weekend? Or a stressful week ahead?

MSA is providing weekly Mindfulness meditation and colouring in sessions. Join us every Thursday between 2-3pm from Week 2 - Week 10.


The session will run as follows: 10 Minutes of Mindful Meditation 50 Minutes of colouring (by hand or online) and general chatting *Please be on time. Mindful Meditation will begin at 2:05pm. Please make sure that you register your attendance and interest as we have many ways for you to connect with this session.

Mindfulness and Colouring can:

  • Improves student mental health
  • Creating art relieves stress, improves creative thought and brain connectivity, in turn boosts self-esteem and your mental health.
  • Encourage students to express themselves through visual art
  • Provide an outlet for students who may not already engage with the student community or students who want to engage further
  • Allow students to connect with each other through art

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