Student Advocacy and Support (SAS)

MSA Student Advocacy and Support provides independent, non-legal advocacy & referral services for Clayton, Parkville & Gippsland undergraduate students enrolled at Monash.

IMPORTANT- Special Consideration applications must be submitted on the due date of the assessment.

2 day extensions may be available however you must apply on the assessment due date (not available for all assessment types). If you need more time to complete the assessment you must apply for Special Consideration (with supporting documentation) on the 2nd day of your short extension.

If you are struggling to obtain documentation on the due date contact our office asap to obtain advice. 

If your current GP is unavailable, you must see another GP on the due date of your assessment even if it is the weekend. If your usual support is a mental health provider and you can’t get an appointment for a few weeks, then you must see a GP before or on the day of your assessment and explain your situation to the GP regarding inability to obtain an earlier mental health appointment. GPs are usually happy to provide support documents in this situation.

DSS student must apply for their 10 day extension on the due date. Late applications will not be accepted.

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