Monash Law Clinics

Do you have a legal issue? MSA is building a strong relationship with the Monash Law Clinics (previously Monash Oakleigh Legal Service) to help make sure students are aware of the free legal service they can receive.

Monash Law Clinics can provide you with FREE legal advice and may also be able to offer legal assistance* in the following areas:

  • motor vehicle accidents
  • criminal matters
  • debt matters
  • tenancy and neighbour disputes
  • social security matters
  • fines and infringements

The service is run by Monash students and supervised by solicitors employed by Monash Law School.

The Monash Law Clinics are located at:

  • 60 Beddoe Avenue, Clayton (just outside the western border of the University)
  • Level 11, 555 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne

To book an appointment, email or call 1800 860 333.

Visit Monash Legal Clinics website for more information.

* Subject to supervising lawyer discretion

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