The Bike Shop

The Bike Shop is the bike hub of the Clayton campus, we provide students and staff with cheap

maintenance, bicycle parts and accessories, refurbished bikes and general cycling advice.

Service and Repairs

At The Bike Shop there is a permanent staff member and student volunteers that can assist you with:

  • Puncture repairs
  • Brakes that need adjusting
  • Gears that require adjustment
  • Expert advice

We can also show you the best way to and from campus on your bike.

Parts and Refurbished Bikes

We have a good range of quality new parts at student friendly prices.

Following our sustainable ethos, The Bikery also reconditions used parts and sells them on at the cost taken to get them back up to the quality that we like to sell at.

The Bikery also takes donations of old bikes and repairs them then sells them to students at the cost of repairing them.


If you like the idea of saving money and the environment or you're just a bit of a bike nerd, then you can also volunteer at The Bikery. Volunteering at The Bikery will give you the opportunity to learn lots about bikes and to also take part in a grass roots movement that’s actually doing something about a sustainable future.

To register as a volunteer go to: Volunteer-opportunities


The Bikery also gets involved in bicycle events:

  • Cycling Breakfasts
  • Around The Bay In A Day
  • (Monash) Ride to Work Day
  • Liaises with and Supports Monash University Community Bicycle User Group (McBUG)


Located on the eastern side of Monash Sport, opposite the oval.

Operating hours

During Semester

Monday - Friday

10am - 4pm

For more information

9905 8017

Links To Some of Our Friends & Bike Related Information

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