2015 Season

This year we’re scrutinising what performance can contribute to our increasingly fractured and fractious world. What brings us together, makes our hearts sing, galvanizes us into action or inspires us? In 2015, we’re planning to BRING IT!

Our season is teeming with brave new artistic expression. We’ve got professional remounts, new works, adaptations and pieces exploring immersion, live art, unusual spaces and unadulterated fun!

Softly Pouting While Walking Into Breezes

14 Jan – 1 Feb

La Mama, Carlton

By Jake Stewart, directed by Jessica McLaughlin Cafferty, produced by Tess Chappell

When Ben met Toby, his life was changed, like, completely. When Toby broke up with Ben, his love life was ruined, like, completely. It was a heartbreak that only Taylor Swift could understand, so don’t even bother trying to comprehend it.

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Psychopomp & Seething – a double bill

19 Feb – 1 March

La Mama Courthouse, Carlton

By Penelope Bartlau, directed & designed by Jason Lehane

Barking Spider Visual Theatre & MUST present a compelling double bill of two short works for a small audience: Psychopomp: A visual quartet for four voices. Seething: A short work for voice and dancer.

The 2015 O Show

O Week Feb 23 – 26

4 performances daily: 11.30am, 12.30pm, 2pm & 3pm
Co-created by Patrick Collins & Adrian Black, produced by Krystal Gayton

The O Show is a MUST & Monash tradition. It’s a FREE comedy show about student life at Monash to give the first years some much-needed tips, and this year, it’s a Marvel/DC parody!

2015 MUST Season Launch Party

19 March, 5.30pm till late


April 19 at Melbourne University

MUST Curator is Trelawney Edgar

What A symposium which brings students from Monash, La Trobe and Melbourne Uni together in a celebration of all things student theatre!

Them Aspies

April 15 – 24

A devised work created by Jess Gonsalvez, Tom Middleditch and team MUST and The Spectrum Project are proud to announce a remount of Them Aspies.

This performance work piece rips the band aid off modern perceptions of Austism Spectrum Disorders and reveals that, perhaps, you are more like "Them Aspies" than you ever thought you were.



Auditions from week 1

Performances April 28 & 29

In the cinema
Created and directed by Alana Coventry and Lucinda Walravens

MUSTBOP is films overdubbed live – hilarious. This year a collection of documentaries become a post-Simba-Lion-King-Africa. Interviews with the animal citizens explore the developing political climate of the Pride Lands!

Man The Balloon

May 14 - 23

By Matt Cameron

Directed by Callum Dale

Elliot Rumble declares the outbreak of an alarming trend: citizens are spontaneously combusting. First, the butcher’s wife explodes in flames leaving only her stumpy legs smoking in the town square. Then, entire boys’ choir detonates on a high note during her funeral! This population of this small town, inhabited by not-quite-together people who are constantly in analysis, is diminishing quickly...

This production of Man the Balloon has been licensed through the Australian Script Centre.

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MUST presents the Australian premiere of The Handmaid's Tale by Margaret Atwood

28 May – 6 June

Adapted for the stage and directed by Yvonne Virsik

In Atwood’s much-loved, globally acclaimed novel of speculative fiction, a military theocracy has taken over and created The Republic of Gilead. With a fruitful womb, Offred (Of Fred) bears the sacred duty to repopulate Gilead as a Handmaid. Her life, her name, her body; everything is now owned by the the Republic.If she deviates, she will be hanged at The Wall or sent to The Colonies.

But even this repressive state cannot destroy desire – neither Offred’s nor that of the two men on whom her future depends.

The Container Festival

31 July – 15 Aug

Curated by Tess Chappell & MUST AD Yvonne Virsik.

A MUST enterprise that simply rocks our worlds! The place for exciting and ground-breaking new work of all shapes and sizes - attended by thousands and showcasing hundreds of artists. With shipping containers as satellite theatres, the MUST space as a ‘Hub’ & lounge bar and other surprising spaces. Featured works include Tensions: Curated Works created by Joseph Brown and Theatresports™ co-ordinated by Haydyn Jones

The Festival launches in the MUST Hub space on Friday 31 July from 6pm till late with free entry. Featuring an impressive line-up of festival artists, guests will get a sneak preview of the diverse work on offer, meet the artists, and enjoy a sensational party!

The Festival Hub is in The MUST Space: Grnd Flr West, Campus Centre, 21 Chancellor’s Walk, Monash University, Clayton

Proudly sponsored by Monash University

BARE: A Pop Opera

27 Aug – 12 Sept

Book & lyrics by Jon Hartmere, book & music by Damon Intrabartolo, Directed by David Kral, Musical Direction by William Yates

A contemporary rock musical/pop opera that follows a group of high school seniors wrestling with issues of identity, sexuality and religion at a co-ed Catholic boarding school.

The Ministry

September 17 - 26

Created by Anna Nalpantidis

"Those with nothing to hide have nothing to fear."

Enter a world in which deed, word and even thought are under constant surveillance by the State.

A fusion of site-specific installation and performance, The Ministry is an immersive, multi-disciplinary experience inspired by George Orwell’s ‘1984’. Visitors will be taken on a sensory journey through clandestine headquarters,

where what is known will become unknown and what is sane will become insane. Monash University will be reimagined as Oceania. You will walk through its streets and corridors while you witness, eavesdrop and participate in the action. Subject your psyche to The Ministry.

Development Season

  • Artists gathered throughout 2015
  • Curated by James O’ Donoghue
  • Performed in October

MUST Advisory Committee

A diverse group of student leaders, chaired by James McGuire, will discuss all things important to MUST from artistic practice, to inclusion and strategy. And then help to make things happen.

The Development Program

Curated and managed by James O’ Donoghue, Tennessee Mynott-Rudland, Sian Halloran and Trelawney Edgar.

A program designed to nurture the development of new work, students’ professional growth & dynamic cultural discussion through workshops, mentoring, forums, showings, readings, engagement with professional companies and more.

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