MUST EOIs for 2022 Projects

EOIs & Project Proposals for MUST in 2022

Since 2020, Monash Uni Student Theatre (MUST, MSA) has continued a number of exciting initiatives, and explored a wide range of content and style – mostly online. It’s been a time of countless challenges, but also of inspiring ideas, care for community and great digital innovation!

Sure, 2022 is still a bit scary, but let’s not let that limit our ideas or our connections. We want to encourage digital projects and experimentation, as well as reignite our in-person live performance program and learning opportunities, and have some serious fun! What have you got?!

How can I put forward an idea or apply to run a program?

Your first step is to write to MUST Artistic Director Yvonne Virsik via to request a copy of the full info document. Then, if you'd like to apply for something, let her know you'd like to arrange a meeting to chat through your idea(s) and the process (essential).

There are a few different types of applications that you can make:

  • You can apply for leadership of projects and programs that MUST would like to go ahead, via an EOI. Options include leadership of: The O Show, CabFest, Internships with MUST Staff, MUST Social Officers, and loads more...
  • You can also bring your own ideas to us via a PROJECT PROPOSAL. These should be more detailed and address all the points in the listed criteria.

We look forward to receiving your ideas and kicking some arse in 2022!

Check out the Facebook Event for more info.

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