Collecting your Volunteer Points

2021 Volunteer Points

STEP 1: Log your Volunteer Points

Log your volunteer points via the google formThese will be processed in 3-7 days. 

STEP 2: Collect your Volunteer Points

Bring your Student ID Card to SURLY (MSA’s Student Union Recreational Library, upstairs in the campus centre). Staff will check your Volunteer Points, and you can collect them as a Prepaid Digital Mastercard. 

STEP 3: Activating the Prepaid Digital Mastercard

You will receive an SMS with a unique link. Click this link, and follow the prompts to download the TCN app, where you will see your Prepaid card and the current balance. You can then click to add to your phone’s wallet. 

STEP 4: Using the Prepaid Digital Mastercard

You can use them at any MSA Outlet (Wholefoods, Sir John’s Bar, Monash Training & Professional Development, Biker Co, SURLY) – simply ‘tap & go’ on the Eftpos machine. If your phone doesn’t have touch payment capability, you can manually input the card numbers via MOTO at the POS. 

To purchase MSA Event tickets or Club memberships online, view your card via the TCN app to see the card number, and type this into the website. 



2019, 2020 Volunteer Points

I volunteered in 2020 but never got to collect my 2020 Volunteer Points. Can I still get them?

Yes! 2020 Volunteer Points will still be available until July 2021. You can collect these at SURLY, and if you have 2021 Points you can combine them all onto one MSA Prepaid Digital Mastercard.

I collected my 2019 Volunteer Points in 2019, but didn’t get a chance to use them because of lockdown. Can I have them re-issued?

If you have a ‘Thank You’ card issued with volunteer points after 1st July 2019, with a minimum of $5 balance remaining, this can be reissued. You will need to bring your physical ‘Thank You’ card into SURLY by the end of July 2021, and your volunteer points will be reissued as a Prepaid Digital Mastercard.