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If you would like to get involved in social justice campaigns, tick 'activism' on your volunteer application and your contact details will be given to the Environmental and Social Justice Office Bearers. They will then notify you when they need assistance facilitating student awareness.

Art Committee

A group of students who have an interest in the visual arts come together to organise student exhibitions and competitions, exhibition crawls and other creative events. The number of events or activities are set by the committee.

Ask Me Ambassadors

Ask Me ambassadors are your walking information desk. They wear a distinct hoodie or t-shirt and if you are lost or you would like to just have a chat, these ambassadors are the ones to help. Ambassadors also survey students about all things Monash and MSA, to better enhance Monash services and facilities.

MSA Bean Bag Patrol

A group of volunteers who take the initiative to take Bean Bags from the MSA spaces and distribute on the Menzies and Lemon Scented Lawn for students to use on beautiful sunny days. This group is also responsible for bringing them back inside - as these bean bags are hugely popular and people may try to take them home!

The Bike Shop

The MSA Bike Shop is a bike repair shop run by staff and student volunteers. Volunteers are given the opportunity to train and repair bicycles as well as gain skills in customer service.

MSA Breakfast Club

The MSA Breakfast Club provide breakfast each Wednesday during semester. They feed all students: meat lovers, vegetarians and vegans.

Campus Tours

If a faculty or Monash group requests a campus tour for their students, we ask the volunteers who are involved with the ASK Me program and the volunteers who would really like the opportunity to provide other students a campus tour experience. Map, route and stop information is provided.

Data Entry and Office Administration

There are a number of departments within the MSA that require data entry or admin assistance. There are also a number of students who require or would appreciate Office Administrational experience prior to leaving university. A very popular activity and one that can be a once off or weekly shift.

MSA Volunteer Departmental Committee/Collective Membership

  • Environmental & Social Justice Collective
  • Indigenous Committee
  • Student Affairs Committee
  • Women's Affairs Collective
  • Queer Affairs Collective
  • MUISS Committee

Note: All Department committee/collective links will forward you to the MSA Office Bearer responsible for said committee/collective.

Divisional Executive Committees

  • Clubs and Societies Executive Committee
  • MUISS Executive Committee
  • MAPS Committee

Note: Divisional committee members are elected in September of each year. Members are volunteers and are eligable for the MSA Volunteer Reward point scheme.

Events and Activities

MSA Departments, Faculties and Monash may require the assistance of volunteers for events and activities. Task can include helping set up and pack up, manning an information booth and handing out pamphlets.

Free Food Mondays

MSA Welfare department require volunteer each Monash afternoon and evening to prepare, cook, distribute and clean for Free Food Mondays. The service provides a vegatarian dinner for over 150 students each week. Any help is appreciated.

MSA Freebies Team

In 2016 we welcome a new member to the MSA team - their name is Vancora - it is the MSA Food Truck. With Vancora, the MSA Freebies Team will drive, stop and drop free stuff to students. From icey poles to MSA Rulers and Pencils, all we know is that it will be free!

MSA Hump Day

Hump day volunteers assist the MSA Activities Department in hosting lunch and entertainment on the Lemon Scented Lawns.

Host Scheme

Established in 1974, Host Scheme is an orientation program for new Monash students. Leaders run camps, weekend functions and evening events.

MSA Internships and Department Experience

MSA offer a number of internship and Department experience in the following MSA Departments:

  • MSA Short Courses (Office Administration)
  • MSA Finance (Accounting)
  • MUST (Intern to the Artistic Director and Technical Manager)

Student Union Recreational Library (SURLY) Lunchtime Relief and General

Student Union Recreational Library (SURLY) offers a number of volunteering opportunities including book processing, shelving & organising collections, admin & data collection, stock-taking, and poster-making. This is a great way to learn about community library work, and contribute to student services. Students usually take on one one-hour shift per week during semester.

Lot’s Wife Contributors

Lot's Wife is the Monash (Clayton based) student magazine. All contributors (writing, photography, graphics and drawings) are students. Lot's Wife is published during University semester and welcome all students to contribute.

Note: Volunteers who display interest in Lot's Wife through the MSA Volunteer Application, will have their email sent to the Lot's Wife editors. All contact regarding Lot's Wife will then be made by the LW Editors.

MUST (Monash University Student Theatre)

MUST is here to facilitate your creative or technical development. There are a number of opportunities available including roles as actors, directors, writers, production managers, artists, set designers and lighting designers.

Note: Volunteers who display interest in MUST through the MSA Volunteer Application, will have their email sent to the MUST Artistic Directors. All contact regarding MUST will then be made by the Artistic Director.

MSA Paparazzi

We are looking for volunteer photographers to help us capture MSA events and activities on and off campus. Volunteers are also encouraged to take photos of club and society events and Monash events on campus. The purpose of the group is to show off our amazing student community. Volunteers are required to provide photos to MSA and on instagram.

Poster Runners

MSA heavily relies on volunteers who distribute posters throughout the campus. Volunteers are given a weekly shift during semester and are expected to complete their shift until the end of week 12. This activity may sound odd or even silly, but it is one of the best ways to catch the attention of students who may not already be engaged with MSA events and activities.


Record. Edit. Play. Repeat.

We are looking for volunteers to film, edit and upload short videos promoting and showing off student events run by students, clubs, and the MSA. All videos will be uploaded on instagram.

Survival Centre Maintenance

Located on level 1 of the Campus centre, the Survival Centre has second hand clothes and linen and often packaged food. All donated by staff and students and free to anyone who needs it. Volunteers help organise the space and keep it neat and tidy.

MSA Tax Help

Working with the Australian Tax Office, the program will select and train volunteers to assist students with lodging their tax return. The program will run from the 1st of July until the 30th of October each year. We require students to book an appointment.

MSA Vollies Abroad

MSA Volies Abroad provied a group of Monash Students to fundraise and volunteer in a foreign country. The group choose where they would like to volunteer and are expected to fund raise independantly and as a team, to assist with their program costs. The group travel overseas after semester two exams and return prior to the Christmas eve.

Wholefoods Restaurant and Cafe

Wholefoods is a non-for-profit restaurant and cafe who relies on volunteers for all things hospitality and customer service. Volunteers recieve a free meal each time they volunteer.

Note: Volunteers who display interest in Wholefood's hrough the MSA Volunteer Application, will have their email sent to the Wholefood's Volunteer Coordinator. All contact regarding Lot's Wife will then be made by the Wholefood's Volunteer Coordinator.

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