Current Volunteer Opportunities

Step 1: Become a 2023 MSA Volunteer

Before you apply, please ensure you are registered as a 2023 MSA Volunteer

Any volunteers who apply from the 6th of September 2023 and beyond are considered 2024 MSA Volunteers.

We ask our volunteers to apply each year to keep our database current.

Step 2A: 2023 Volunteer Applications


Weekly or Regular Volunteering - Rosters
No application process is required, just add your name to the shifts you are available for.
Please ensure you read the instructions (first tab) and only add your name to the shift if you are 100% available to attend.

Semester One Leadership & Volunteering Program - Applications
Some of the following require an interview process while others only require a written application.
Please read through the description before you apply. Email our volunteer coordinator if you want more information before applying.
MSA Volunteer Lounge Socials Leader - Apply by expressing your interest in an email by the 20th of March 2023
External Virtual Volunteering
We also encourage volunteers to get involved online and in your own time with a range of volunteering opportunities such as those listed on our


July Semester Break Volunteering

MSA Camps & Events - Host Roles Open- Host applicants are automatically accepted.

SURLY Zine Contributor - Interviews are part of the application process

MSA SURLY Winter Reading Challenge Facilitators


Semester Two Leadership & Volunteering Program - Applications
If an interview is required for the role, the interview will occur during Semester 1.
MSA Ask Me Ambassador - All applicants are automatically accepted.
MSA Mindful Colouring: Co-Host Volunteering - Apply by expressing your interest in an email by the 20th of April 2023
MSA Motivational Emails Volunteer - Apply by expressing your interest in an email by the 20th of April 2023

Step 3: Log your volunteer hour and points

After you have volunteered, pleaseLog your Volunteer Hours/Points Here

Your points will be converted to MSA Money and can be used at all MSA Vendors (Wholefoods, Student Bar, MSA Tickets, MSA Short Courses just to name a few). 

Tip: Bookmark the Volunteer Log Link on your phone so its easy to access after completing a volunteer activity.

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