MSA Language Drop-In

This program aims to provides a peer-to-peer educational and cultural experience. We have an increasing number of students who wish to travel, go on exchange or simply have an interest to learn a different language.

We hope to provide these students with a free service where they can learn language basics and the opportunity to practice their new found language skills through materials and through group catch-ups.

Benefits to users of the program:

  • Providing a language service for all Monash students for free
  • Learn elementary level language skills
  • Opportunity to practice with other students
  • Opportunity to advance skills with materials found in SURLY
  • Meet new students

Languages included in 2019:

  • French
  • German
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Mandarin


Elementary Language Classes

Location: Conference Room
2 Hour Elementary Level Language Class

Depending on your chosen language, this session is held in week 1 or week 2.

Students are able to register for one or more Language Elementary Classes. This class is recommended to any students who are very new to their desired language and require some basic skills before attending language drop in sessions.


Weekly Language Drop Ins

Location: SURLY Reserved Table
1 Language Drop In Sessions

Sessions begin in Week 2

The first Drop In session for Italian, Korean, German and Indonesian (in Week 2) will follow on after Language class in the Conference room, from 12-1pm. All other sessions will be from 1-2pm on their allocated days.



Language Drop In: Weekly Topics

To maintain structure, MSA’s Language Drop In will have a weekly conversation theme. The Club representative and/or volunteer will act as the weekly tutor who manages conversation and prepares a program for the session to follow.

Greetings and Introductions
Introduce yourself and answer questions about personal details

Food and drink

Understand and communicate familiar matters encountered in shopping

Understand and communicate familiar matters encountered in Work and School

Numbers Part 1

Numbers Part 2

Top 10 Common Phrases while travelling

Foreign Movie discussion
Chosen by group in week 6, watched before week 8

Overall Conversation Practice

Overall Conversation Practice

Who runs these sessions?

A group of amazing volunteers, who are either native speakers of the language, or have studied the language for many years. Some are also education students who are gaining skills for their future careers in education.

How do I become a Language Drop In Facilitator?

Applications are always open, but applications are looked at in Apil/May for Semester Two and September/October for the following year.

If you are interested in this role, please apply above, or contact for more information on the role.

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