MSA Vollies Abroad

MSA Vollies Abroad works with Plan My Gap Year to help Monash students travel and volunteer overseas.

In 2017, MSA Volies Abroad, in partnership with Plan My Gap Year will be taking students to Bali to volunteer in Child Care.

Click Here for Information on the Bali Program

MSA will help arrange fundraising activities to help fund your trip, but you will be responsible for all payments associated with the trip.

Monash Abroad is also able to help out with a small scholarship and travel insurance for all students.


Depending on the number of people on the project, you will either work a morning or afternoon shift. In your free time you are more than welcome to join one of our community volunteer programmes or just take the time to relax.

Weekends are free. We encourage you to travel during this time and our local team can help you arrange any weekend trips. Click here for an idea of what you could be getting up to during your weekends!

In Country Support

The Plan My Gap Year (PMGY) in-country team, who are a mixture of locals and westerners, will be there to support you throughout your time on the PMGY Experience.They will make sure you are well looked after, clued up on all the safety and travel essentials you’ll need to know, and have the best time possible. We will provide you with a local SIM card on arrival, so you can stay in touch with our local team at all times. Our UK team are also on-call 24/7 should your friends or family need to contact you.

Group sizes vary from 8 to 30 people, so you’re going to meet plenty of people along the way! The PMGY team will make sure you get to see all the hidden gems that only the locals know about, and will take care of all the boring logistical matters so you can focus on having the time of your life. They’re a great bunch as well and we’re sure you’ll enjoy their company.

There are a number of optional activities that you can take part in during your trip. You also need to cover some meals, drinks, and general spending money.

Vollies Abroad Applications for 2017

2017 Vollies Abroad Program - We are looking for a team members.

Want to go overseas on an amazing trip including sight seeing and volunteering? Why not be a part of the Vollies abroad team? Here's how to apply.

Meetings for the program will commence in week 4, with more details about the destination, fundraising and other details to come shortly.

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