Volunteering FAQ

Who Can Be An MSA Volunteer?

Currently enrolled Monash University students.

Why Become An MSA Volunteer?

The MSA Student Volunteer Reward Program provides an opportunity for students to become active members of the Monash student community. Some volunteer opportunities can help with professional and personal development while others simply let students have fun, meet new people, and have a break away from studies. Not only are students helping the Monash student community but they are also gaining skills and knowledge that will enhance the most modest resume, and in doing so are also being rewarded for their time and effort.

Benefits of being an MSA Volunteer?

MSA Volunteering can find you volunteer tasks in:

  • Activities and Events
  • Office Adminsitraion
  • Bicycle Repair
  • Customer Service
  • First Year Orientation Programs
  • Hospitality
  • Office Administration
  • Performance Arts
  • And if there are any other tasks in between, we will let you know through the MSA Volunteering Facebook Group and volunteer website.
  • Volunteering improves even the smallest resume. If you are a volunteer who has shown commitment and effort, the Volunteer Coordinator can be a phone reference or provide a written reference for your resume.
  • MSA Volunteering provides volunteers the opportunity to become leaders and apply for volunteer advisory groups.
  • MSA Volunteer Points
  • To make new friends
  • To help the student association that supports you
  • And of course, to have fun!

What's The Difference Between MSA Volunteering And Other Volunteer Programs?

  • MSA Volunteering revolves around the Monash Student Association and student life on the Monash University Clayton Campus.
  • MSA’s sole purpose is to provide Monash students with the best possible student experience and volunteers help the MSA achieve this goal.
  • At MSA Volunteering, you can volunteer for a wide range of causes. From running a first year orientation camp (Host Scheme), and helping customers at our Vegan and Vegetarian restaurant (Wholefoods) to directing a student theatre production (MUST) and repairing bicycles at The Bikery. And we have all this under the one volunteer program!
  • If there is a goal or skill that doesn’t fall under any of our MSA Volunteering categories, you can always meet with the Volunteer Coordinator. The Volunteer Coordinator will help you make the volunteer dream a reality.

MSA Volunteer Requirements

  • Step 1: Be a student
  • Be currently enrolled at Monash University, Clayton Campus.
  • Step 2: Be an MSA Volunteer
  • Be a registered MSA Volunteer.
  • Step 3: Complete relevant training
  • Complete the Monash Safety Induction Program
  • Victorian Department of Health Food Safety (not certified) Quiz
    • Food Safety Quiz
      • You will be given a chance to save a certificate of completion at the end of the quiz. Please make sure you save it incase we need to collect certificates from you in the future.
    • LILO Training
      • Communicate with Impact
      • High Performance Teams: Work and Win Together
  • If you would like to become Host Scheme volunteer, a current Working with Children Check (WWCC) is required.
    • How to Apply for a Working With Childrens Check
    • If you do not have a WWCC, IT’S FREE! Please pick up a WWCC application from the MSA Volunteering Office and submit the form to your local post office with 2 passport-sized photos. For more information on how to complete a WWCC application, contact the MSA Volunteer Coordinator.
    • For more information on how to complete a WWCC application, contact the MSA Volunteer Coordinator.

MSA Volunteer Values

See the MSA Volunteer Policy

MSA Volunteers must exhibit the following qualities:

  • Be a friendly and outgoing person
  • Have an understanding of the diversity of the student experience at Monash University
  • Be encouraging and supportive of other volunteers, staff and students
  • An ability to keep level headed during stressful or trying situations
  • A willingness to abide by the rules and act in the spirit of helping the Monash University student community
  • Be an eager participant in chosen MSA Volunteer activities
  • Be a reliable, reasonable & responsible team player
  • Be able to act professionally and at arm’s length to other volunteers, staff and students
  • Be ambassadors for Monash University and MSA
  • Have a sound knowledge and desire to learn from those above and around you
  • A willingness to lead their friends and peers

Please Note: MSA Volunteers are to be mentored by the Volunteer Coordinator, MSA Staff and Office Bearers. If you feel you have plenty of room to grow in some areas, let us know in your application. The most important quality you can have is a determined enthusiasm and knowing your weaknesses.

Do MSA Volunteers Receive An Induction Or Training?

If you are volunteering for a large event (Orientation Week, Music On Menzies), volunteers are expected to attend a short information session. For general volunteer activities, such as BBQs and office administration, the volunteer will be briefed before the task or event begins.

If desired all MSA Volunteers can have one-on-one inductions with the Volunteer Coordinator. Please make an appointment with the Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteers will also be trained according to their volunteer field:

  • The Bike Shop
  • Volunteers will be trained by The Bikery staff and volunteers at the start of each semester.
  • Volunteers will learn how repair bicycles and serve customers
  • Host Scheme
  • Volunteers will be trained at the start of each Host Scheme period
  • Student Theatre (MUST)
  • Volunteers will be given on-the-job training
  • Wholefood’s Café Restaurant
  • Volunteers will be trained by Wholefood’s staff and volunteers at the start of each semester.
  • Volunteers will learn how to handle food, how to use a coffee machine and/or customer service
  • Other Volunteer Tasks and Positions
  • Volunteers will be trained by the Volunteer Coordinator or relevant MSA staff, Office Bearers or volunteers

How Will I Be Rewarded?

  • Volunteers receive free T-Shirts, free lunches and a few other freebees.
  • MSA has just launched MSA Volunteer Awards. Students can volunteer on a part time or casual basis and be rewarded for their time and effort! Each volunteer activity is worth reward points which can go towards vouchers, MSA discounts and other exciting incentives.

How Long Is A Volunteer Term?

You will be an MSA Volunteer until the end of the University Year (December). If you are interested in volunteering again for the following year, you must apply again. This way, the volunteer database remains current and you won’t be spammed with volunteer emails when you are no longer a volunteer.

  • General Volunteer Events: when a volunteer task or position is advertised the volunteer is given information which includes the expected number of hours.
  • Host Scheme: the Host Scheme program runs between December – February and July – August each year. Volunteers are expected to attend the compulsory activity dates listed in the current Host Scheme calendar.
  • MUST: you are expected to volunteer for the duration of one production.
  • The Bikery & Wholefoods: Volunteers who assist The Bikery and Wholefoods are given a weekly shift. You are expected to attend your shift for one semester.
  • Please Note: we understand that personal issues, work and study can get in the way of life and your volunteering commitments. Just let us know if you need a break or if you can’t volunteer till next semester.

Can I Be Removed Or Demoted As A Volunteer?

Yes. Like every work place, the MSA and Monash University has policies in which each volunteer and staff member must abide by.

Volunteers must also abide by the MSA Volunteer Code of Conduct.

Volunteer Code Of Conduct

Any MSA Volunteers who engage in the following behavior at a MSA Volunteer events or activity may be dismissed from the MSA Volunteer program or any part of it, at the discretion of the Volunteer Coordinator:

  • Drunkenness
  • Nudity
  • Fraternization
  •  ‘Fraternization’ includes, for example:
  • Inappropriate physical conduct;
  • Sexual innuendo;
  • Attempting to form inappropriate relations.
  • Encouraging excessive alcohol consumption
  • Racist, sexist, homophobic, or militaristic behavior
  • Any other behavior that could reasonably be considered as offensive, insulting or intimidating
  • Any behavior that portrays the MSA or MSA Volunteering in a negative light
  • Any other behavior that is in conflict with policies of the Monash Student Association or Monash University.

Any MSA Volunteer who is seen as being unreliable or no longer acting in the spirit of the program may also be dismissed or demoted by the Volunteer Coordinator.

Any complaints made against a MSA Volunteer can result with the accused being demoted or an immediately dismissed from MSA Volunteering, or any part of it.

The Volunteer Coordinator can make decisions concerning the breach of this code, and the appropriate penalty.

Appeals against decisions made by the program under this code can be appealed in writing to the Volunteer Coordinator within 3 working days of the decision being made.

If I'm Injured During A Volunteer Activity, Am I Insured By The MSA?

Yes. As a Monash University student, you are covered for any MSA or Monash University activities.

Could My Photo Be Taken At MSA Volunteer Activities?

Yes. Volunteers may be photographed at MSA activities and events. If you do not wish to have your photograph taken, please notify the photographer and stay clear of any group photographs.

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