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January 2017
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About MSA

The Monash Student Association (MSA) is the representative body for all Monash Clayton students. Established in 1961, the student union has a proud history of serving and protecting students' interests.

The MSA is made up of elected student representatives who represent all Clayton campus students on general issues such as quality of education, course costs and student welfare, as well as specific issues such as women's affairs and queer affairs. 

The MSA also runs the Sir John's Bar on campus, the vegetarian restaurant Wholefoods, Student Theatre, Host Scheme, the Short Courses Centre, the student newspaper Lot's Wife, the Activities Department and provides funding for all recreational clubs on the Clayton campus. 

With the introduction of VSU in 2006, the student union survived substantial funding cuts. As a result, it became increasingly difficult to provide the same standard of services for students that we provided prior to VSU. It has become incredibly important that students continue to support the services and representation that the MSA provides and that all students use.

Today, students have several ways in which they can support the union. The most important is the MSA Card (only $20) which can be used at any of the MSA outlets or at any MSA events or activities! The MSA Card also provides numerous discounts to MSA services and various outlets inside the campus centre! Have a look at the MSA Card link above - it outlines all the benefits to becoming a paid member of the union.