The MSA’s Queer Department is an autonomous department supporting all queer-identifying and questioning students. Ensuring that the Queer Lounge is a safe, private community space in the Campus Centre is a priority, as is working to make student programs as inclusive and accessible as possible, and advocating for Queer students’ rights. 

  • MSA Queer in 2024

MSA Queer in 2024

Hey everyone! We’re Madi and Kelly, and we’re your 2024 MSA Queer Office Bearers!


We’re both socialist activists who want to use our office to organize and promote left wing activism. Capitalism produces rampant inequality and oppression and we want to fight against every manifestation of this sick system. When it comes to fighting for Queer rights this means combating the growing international and domestic far right who have been headlining their homophobic and transphobic politics. 


In the US, more than a hundred anti-trans bills have been moved as the Republicans attempt to wind back any anti-discrimination protections, erase Queer people from school curriculums and deny access to essential healthcare. In Argentina, Javier Milei’s new government follows the trends of Italy’s, Mussolini venerating, Georgia Meloni, in advocating for the ‘traditional family’ and the revoking of abortion rights. 


And we don’t escape this problem here in Australia. Later this month, discussion will resume over the Religious Discrimination Bill as Labor tables its own version of a bill first drafted as a part of the right wing backlash against marriage equality - allowing bigots to use the guise of religion to discriminate against gay and gender diverse people.Last year in Melbourne, outright Hitler loving neo-nazis attempted to take over our streets with homophobic, transphobic, racist and sexist demonstrations. We fought these Nazi’s and their transphobic icon Kellie Jay Keen, aka Poser Parker, with a huge counter rally and the biggest rally for trans rights in Australian history. 


From the Stonewall Riots, to the 1978 Sydney Mardi Gras, the rights of Queer people have always been fought for and won by left-wing, radical activists. We need more of these kinds of protests, to fight for Queer rights but also against every other injustice in this system - the cost of living crisis, the brutal treatment of Indigenous people here and everywhere, the rising levels of sexism, the ongoing climate crisis and more. 


Kelly Cvetkova & Madeline Curkovic

Your 2024 Queer Officers