People of Colour

This year, the POC department’s focus extends beyond event organisation. We're committed to working diligently behind the scenes, using our platform to address the challenges faced on campus and advocate for positive change.

  • Our Plans for 2024

Our Plans for 2024

Anticipate a year filled with diverse and engaging events, from the multicultural POC-icnic, celebrating a fusion of delicious foods, to a Ramadan night fostering unity in breaking fast together. We're also planning a festive Mid-Autumn Fest and a calm Diwali night to conclude the year with warmth.


Our aim is not only to unite the community but also to illuminate various cultures and traditions. With your support, this year promises to be a meaningful journey of unity, advocacy, and celebration. Thank you for being a part of this opportunity!


Anshuman Das & Tooba Javed

Your 2024 People of Colour Officers